Unique and engaged - Creative and ethic - Elleanor de Provence

Creative and ethical collections for sustainable clothing is the promise of Elleanor de Provence.

Original cuts and materials, timeless and luminous pieces to give sparkle to your closet. A symbol of feminine elegance, the dress is the brand's flagship piece. It is revisited each season with both retro and up-to-date cuts.

For independent and passionate but also engaged women who want to assert their difference with no compromising on quality :

  • Unique pieces entirely designed in France by the designer.
  • A production made by hand and located in the south of France.
  • Artisanal skills and a quality demand that Sarah evokes with Elleanor.
  • A production path on a human scale for a sincere and faithful brand.

Let's reveal the Elleanor woman together !

The designer, i wanted to draw a positiv world for tomorrow - Elleanor de Provence

It is for the love of design and clothing that Sarah, the foundor of the brand starts entrepreneurship with desire and passion.

Sarah has decided to shake up the textile sector and is moving in the opposite way of Fast fashion, one of the most polluting sectors in the world.

Create a clothing brand, YES, participate in the environmental massacre, NO.

Elleanor de Provence stems from the desire to positively shape the world of tomorrow.

Renewed traditionnal Craftsmanship - Elleanor de Provence

The brand reflects Sarah’s values ​​identically. Sensitive to beautiful materials, she chooses upcycling for the fabrics of her clothes. Oriented towards people and the environment, production takes place in France in a workshop that shares its opinions.

Give a story to the clothes, wear it, appreciate it, give it value and transmit it, a real desire of Elleanor de Provence.

Provence, its favorite region becomes the birthplace of the brand. Surrounded by nature, Sarah draws her inspiration from her environment but also from her memories, her travels or her dreams. The result is collections that are both retro and solar, captivating and durable piece.

The Elleanor de Provence brand was created to renew French craftsmanship.

An initiative of Sarah who never imagined producing her collections in another country.

4 (four) hours the average timeto produce a dress - Elleanor de provence