A lasting wardrobe, made with respect for people and the earth. For the love of beautiful fabrics, craftsmanship and quality, Sarah designs the Elleanor brand around her ethical and responsible values.

Edited in ultra-limited series, the brand's pieces of clothes are part of a logic of "Less is more" - Consume less but better.

Our materials - Elleanor de Provence

"An impartial selection of fabrics chosen according to their environmental impact and their resistance over time"

The key to more sustainable choices ? Purchases conscious raw materials and taking into account aesthetics, ease care but also resistance over time and environmental impact.

75% of our collections are made from deadstock fabrics to avoid the production of new materials. These raw materials come from France or European countries. The upcycling of  thosematerials supposed to be throwing away was the starting point for the Elleanor de Provence brand.

25% of the other fabrics are natural and/or biodegradable materials OR labeled fabrics (Oekotex or GOTS).

Our children's collection comes from Upcycled fabrics by us.

Our production made in france - Elleanor de Provence

"A human-sized workshop located in the south of France"

A production cycle that is sincere and faithful to the values of the brand.

100% of our production is carried out in France and by hand. The models are firstly drawn and stylized by Sarah.

Then they are sent to a workshop located in the south of France. A workshop on a human scale which respects favorable production conditions. Revalue and develop French skills and  traditional craftsmanship for a careful preparation that also protects our planet.

How? By limiting transport of deliveries and thus reducing pollution.

an engaged workshop with same values - Elleanor de Provence

The upcycling - Elleanor de Provence

"Elleanor de Provence is also a strong commitment to recycling our clothes"

Nothing is lost, everything is recreated!

Sarah goes further than recycling and is involved today in the product life cycle.

To do so, Elleanor de Provence offers its clients a very innovative upcycling program.

What is Upcylcing? Upcycling is a more ecological process than recycling because it requires no chemical and / or mechanical action.

Free your cupboards and participate in the change of life of a product!

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