“Nothing is lost, everything is recreated! "

With an ecological conscience and a desire to intervene in the product life cycle, Sarah sets up an innovative upcycling * program accessible to everyone !

Nothing is lost - everything can be recreated - Elleanor de Provence

A recycling of materials for the creation of a unique mother-daughter collection.

A way to transmit the history and value of the clothing to future generations.

A dress sent ** = a recycled dress in child size

A 20% discount valid on our products from the current collection, available during the sales period

* Upcycling is a more ecological process than recycling because it does not require any chemical and / or mechanical action.

** This upcycling program is only valid during french official sales periods.

Conditions :

  • One dress per person per collection (twice a year)
  • The deposit and the vouchers are only valid during official french sales periods (dates issued by the french government)
  • We accept the deposit of dress of all brands and all materials EXCEPT the compositions with POLYESTER
  • The dresses should be sent to the following address : Elleanor de Provence, 21 AV Charles de Gaulle, 13122 Ventabren, or dropped off at one of our collection points referenced below Aix & Co, 18 Rue Courteissade, 13100 Aix-en-Provence